How To Set Up Your Click Funnels Website
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STEP 1 : Domain Setup
STEP 2 : Funnel Settings
STEP 3 : Website Blueprint
STEP 4 : Customize Pages
(excluding header and footer)
STEP 5 : Navigation
STEP 6 : Build Your List (optional)
STEP 7 : Basic SEO Stuff
STEP 8 : Domain Settings
Frequently Asked Questions
"Does my click funnels site have a blog?"
Actually, no. It's extremely hard to gain traction by blogging when compared to other platforms. Your audience is already on YouTube. They are already on Instagram. They are already on all these other platforms. Bring your content to them on those platforms. Your website will simply serve as your homebase, linking out to your content.
"I edited my page and saved it, but for some reason, it still shows the old version of the page."
This could be a few different reasons. First, wait two minutes to see if it's updated. If not, clear the cache in your browser or use a different browser. If it still doesn't show you the updated version of the page, rename the URL for the page.
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